1. Introduction:

XchangeOn is dedicated to assisting law enforcement agencies by responding to their requests for information, provided they are authorized and supported by the necessary documentation. These guidelines detail the process for law enforcement officials to engage with XchangeOn when requesting customer information.

2. Law Enforcement Cooperation:

XchangeOn voluntarily cooperates with law enforcement requests from all jurisdictions, adhering to its terms of use, privacy policy, and relevant laws. To streamline the process, requests should be submitted through the XchangeOn Information Request System at XchangeOn Legal Requests.

3. Required Information:

To expedite the review of information requests, international law enforcement officers are advised to include the following in their request documents:

  • Name of the law enforcement authority and its country or administration.
  • Proof of authority, including photo identification (e.g., police badge) and documentary evidence of authorization to request information.
  • An official email address from a government domain.
  • An official request in English, such as a subpoena, court order, warrant, or equivalent, duly signed or sealed.
  • User identifier information, including name, email address, phone number (with country code), User ID, transaction hashes or address, or other relevant information to locate the user.
  • All identifiers in a format that can be copied (e.g., copiable PDF, Word document, Excel file, or within the content of the email).
  • Flow of funds information.
  • Indication whether the request shall be disclosed to the relevant user.
  • For Freezing Requests:

  • Duration of freeze: Specify the duration for which the relevant account should be frozen; otherwise, XchangeOn will unfreeze the account within 30 days from the date of the freeze.
  • Notification to user: Specify if the freezing request can be disclosed to the user; otherwise, XchangeOn will disclose the reason for the freeze to the user.

All documents and communication emails should be in English to facilitate the review process.

These guidelines ensure that XchangeOn can efficiently process law enforcement requests while protecting the privacy and security of its users.