XchangeOn, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has implemented a robust "Special Treatment" (ST) mechanism to effectively manage projects that are at risk of being delisted. This mechanism includes a mandatory review period during which the project's status is closely monitored to ensure the integrity of the exchange.

Criteria for Special Treatment or Delisting:

XchangeOn has established clear criteria to determine when a project may be designated as a Special Treatment project or face delisting. These criteria, known as "Negative Situations," encompass a range of scenarios, including:

  • The project's request for delisting.
  • Prolonged low liquidity of the project.
  • Security vulnerabilities in the project's technology.
  • The project's operation or business activities ceasing or at risk of ceasing.
  • Disbandment of the project team.
  • Financial difficulties, such as insolvency or bankruptcy.
  • Suspected malicious activities associated with the project.
  • Legal investigations or convictions involving the project or its team members.
  • Market misconduct, such as wash trading or insider trading.
  • High-risk assessment by the exchange's audit, legal, and technical teams.
  • Failure to inform XchangeOn of material changes within the specified period.
  • Any other situations deemed risky by XchangeOn.

Important Notifications:

Once a project is designated as "Special Treatment," there will be a special designation on the project's ticker symbol during an observation period. This serves as a warning to users and investors of the potential delisting.

XchangeOn may proceed with delisting if the project fails to meet basic liquidity requirements by the end of the observation period. Conversely, if liquidity improves and exceeds the requirement threshold, the special designation will be removed.

During the observation period, XchangeOn may decide to delist the project if it fails to take necessary actions to address the Negative Situation. The exchange reserves the right to immediately delist the project if circumstances warrant.

Upon delisting, all trading and deposits of the project will be suspended. The project must undergo a new approval and listing procedure to be listed again on XchangeOn. XchangeOn reserves the right to modify these rules without prior notice.


XchangeOn's Special Treatment mechanism is a crucial component of its commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy trading environment. By closely monitoring projects at risk, XchangeOn upholds the integrity of its platform and ensures the safety of its users and investors.

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